Granted, there weren't any lions or tigers, but there certainly was a black bear in downtown Minden, LA yesterday Thursday, June 2, 2016!

It seems like something you'd see in a comedy, but Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton came face to face with a black bear. At 6'3", Gary isn't a small man, but that doesn't mean he wants to take on a bear. But thankfully, the bear didn't seem to want to take on Sexton either.

Even thought the two ended up within five feet of each other, they clearly were both started. The bear was eventually baited and trapped around 100 yards from where he was originally discovered. Officials say they will microchip the bear then release him back into the wild.

Does anyone else remember the bear they found in Mansfield, LA a few years back? They though they saw one in a tree and after shooting it with tranquilizer darts they figured out it was just a deadly black garbage bag!

UPDATE: A listener calls and says he was there when the mighty black trash bag was taken down and it this actually occurred in Keithville, LA.

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