Here’s a surprise — new music from Britney Spears! Actually it’s old music, but it’s a song fans haven’t heard before. A portion of the unreleased track ‘Ouch’ has hit the web.

The piano-laden ‘Ouch’ features a slow R&B beat, with Brit singing nearly the entire track in falsetto. She coos, “Let’s play pretend / Like you’re my friend and everything is okay / Then we shall begin to put an end / To all the games that we play / My body is a temple, I’ll choose who worships it / Let’s keep it simple, no need for a big deal / So if you’re ready, just call me on the phone / I’ll be here waiting, no need to be alone / Ouch, your heart, you’re burning me up / Please don’t stop, you’re making me blush / Ouch, my God, you’ve hit my spot / I just can’t get enough of you.”

She goes on to sing about hanging around with a guy even though he has another girlfriend at home. “I do prefer that we don’t feel guilty,” Spears sings. We love the 2-minute snippet of ‘Ouch,’ as it sounds a lot different from most of Britney’s dance-pop singles.

The song is reportedly from 2003 and was co-written by Spears with Michelle Bell and Nanna Martorell. Responding to a fan question, Martorell wrote on Tumblr, “I still remember the phone call when they told me that Britney had chosen one of my tracks.. It was an amazing feeling! I live in Sweden and unfortunately I never got the opportunity to meet her in person.”

Martorell wrote that she plans to release the entire version of ‘Ouch,’ so keep your eyes open, Britney fans. The full track will be yours soon enough!

Listen to a Snippet of Britney Spears’ ‘Ouch’