Wow! What do you do when you get an email like this?!?! Stories like this just make me ill. There are some bad people in the world, of that, there is no doubt and I can't explain it anymore than the next person. I can't imagine what I would feel like if this were my dog. I was hot under the collar when I found the neighbor kid chasing my dog with a stick, but this is just plain over the top MEAN. What I can do is ask if any of you have any suggestions. Any idea on what they can do??? Please post your comments below!

I need your help! I have a 7 lb yorkie. It was a quiet mother's day morning and my mom and aunts were sitten on the porch drinking coffee watching my girls play in the yard. She lives in Bethany, LA which a small town outside of Greenwood, LA. This quiet morning was disturbed when a neighbor walking down the street and my small yorkie (Bentley) ran out in the yard. He was barking which most dogs do trying to protect his territory. He did NOT go in the street or near the man just to edge of the yard (he knows better than run in the street). After the man walked by he turned around and walked toward my dog in the yard and hit him with an oak stick across the face as if he was swinging for a homerun. Bentley immediately fell over knocking him out. The man, realizing what he just did then tried to pick Bentley's lifeless body up and try to make him stand up. He was bleeding out of his ear and face began to swell up. My little brother called Sheriff's Dept while my me, mom, Aunt and husband took him to ER VET. There, he spent the entire day in ICU. Now, at home he is blind and deaf and very scared and confused. I adopted Bentley at age 2 from a couple who beat him daily and have had him for almost 5 years now. He has been a very loving dog and just started to realize that people can be nice and comforting. Now my poor baby has to live or maybe not even live with this.

I have spoken with Sheriff's Dept and they cant arrest him unless we press charges which we would love to do but since he was not on a leash we are held responsible now. Even though he was still in our yard due to since it was close to street its not considered our property, its Caddo Parish property. Therefore he is not charged with anything and I have a lifeless, blind, deaf yorkie. I need answers and support and someone to tell me what I can do!!! Please help me!! I contacted KTBS news and since the police report we stated we did not want to pursue due to my mom getting arrested (which thats what Sheriff told us would happen) we couldnt press charges. This grown man is living the life not taking into consideration what he has done and we are crying ourselves to sleep everynight. We are not the bad guys he is. What can we do!!! Please Help us!!!!

Marinda Harmson