We are all perplexed by this. If you look closely in the photos you can see these perfect curly-cue's. The person who took the photo has asked several local experts what they think it could be. We know it can't be snails, snails don't drink and curly-cue. So what animal or insect could be attracted to windows covered in pollen?

Troy Jones

The curly-cues are perfect, seriously look at them. I have googled what it could be and every single time I get a tutorial on how to make a curly-cue when I crochet. Are we loosing our minds? Is someone in the area going from window to window drawing these perfect curly-cues with the tip of their pinky finger? Someone out there has to know what kind of creature or animal makes these beautiful intricate curly's on windows. Help us! Tag the Steve Erwin of your crew, maybe they can help us out with this one. As for now, we will keep washing the windows and getting