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Some of the most rural areas of our great state is about to finally get connected to the internet.  Sure, it took a planet-encompassing pandemic before someone realized how big of an issue this really is - but we're finally here!  However, making this dream a reality for countless Louisiana residents who have little to no options for getting on the world wide web is going to be a lot of hard work - and, that's the good news!

Fiber-optic cable
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According to the details from Business Report, broadband companies in Louisiana attempting to bring internet access to rural areas in the state are running into a pretty big problem.  It's not funding, as last year the state threw down $180 million for a program to expand access.  Then, another $30 million was added to the program this year.  The money is already in place to pay for it, but these companies don't have enough workers to tackle the task.

Germany Expands Rural Broadband Connectivitty
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Since the (good paying) jobs are there, and the workers are not, colleges across the state are launching programs to train and certify folks who want to take advantage of this opportunity.  For example: South Louisiana Community College is implementing a new fiber-optic install technician program this summer in order to help meet the demand for qualified workers.

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