Hey Louisiana, welcome to Deep Gras.

As the viral social media post says, Deep Gras is the point of no return in the Mardi Gras season. Here's what the meme usually reads:

"We are now entering Deep Gras. The period of time between noon Wednesday and midnight Ash Wednesday. You now accept that everything you do for the next week revolves around Mardi Gras. You are about to see everyone you've ever known, and meet strangers that you'll soon know. You will sleep too little. You will drink too much. You will eat and dance A LOT. It's a time of community, celebration, and the god times really do roll. Everyday problems become put on pause. It's without a doubt the happiest time of the year. Live it up, y'all!"

As we enter this part of the season, you're going to see some things. Occasionally they are things you want to see, sometimes they're things you never want to see again, and then you might even see things you've never expected. Like a guy stopped in traffic jumping on top of his car and thrashing away on a keytar solo. 

This video comes to us from the epicenter of Mardi Gras, and therefore Deep Gras, the city of New Orleans. Baxter Stewart posted the video on Instagram, and included the caption:

"I saw this amazing keytar solo while waiting at the train on St Claude today"

Based on his info that he was stopped by a train on St Claude, we were able to find a Google Maps show of exactly where it was...


Comparing the backgrounds from the video, this has to be the spot. Just before Club Discovery, at 2831 St Claude Ave in New Orleans.

Happy Deep Gras everyone.

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