I didn't think that this type of warning was necessary, but Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has issued a stern reminder that you shouldn't feed the alligators that call the Bayou State home.

In a tweet made on the Governor's official account over the weekend, the most powerful elected official in the state took time to point out that even if they look extra cuddly - feeding these scaly monsters is a bad idea.  Due to the higher water levels, Louisiana residents are seeing more and more of these amphibious murder logs.  It should go without saying (but it doesn't) that feeding them makes them associate people with food.  Take that one step further, and some alligators will start seeing people as food.

If that's something you would never do, congratulations - you'll most likely live longer!  If you fish, however, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says you may be attracting gators unintentionally.  If you are throwing fish scraps on or near the shore - you might as well start dusting your shins with Tony's because it's basically the same thing.

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