Imagine leaving for work in the morning and as you go to get in your car you see this 10-foot alligator walking around like it's no big deal. That would certainly be a hot cup of "NOPE".

Myrtle Beach resident Margie Meek had just gotten home when she noticed the massive gator walking across her neighbor's yard according to

Meek says the alligator "was around 10 feet long" and seeing the video, she might be a little conservative on that estimate.

The gator just casually strolled through Meek's neighbor's yard, took a little rest in the ditch, and eventually hung out on her neighbor's porch before walking away.

CN Post Via Youtube
CN Post Via Youtube

Is it just me, or does the alligator seem really happy? I can't put my finger on it, but he seems kind of dog-like doesn't he? Hopefully, no one is missing a dog and he's just happy because he's full.

Meek tells WJCL -

It was incredible I loved it. I mean I know they're dangerous animals, which is why I was a coward and hung out in my car. But still, it was amazing.


CN Post on YouTube reports that "neighbors said it has been living in the area for a while and it's not the first time the gator has been spotted."


CN Post Via Youtube
Right now is alligator mating season. Mating season takes place starting with courtship in April, then mating throughout May and June according to Alligators are the most active between dusk and dawn, so stay extra vigilant during these times.
It's also advised to never feed alligators such as in situations seen in this video. According to "feeding them can lead the animals to overcome their natural wariness of people and teach them to associate people with food."
It's also illegal to feed alligators.


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