If you've driven on Shreveport streets for mile or more, you've probably seen two very similar billboards. I say mile or more, because these things are practically everywhere.

Everyone knows Morris Bart. He's been advertising in Shreveport since I can remember, and everyone knows, "One call, that's all". A little girl in Louisiana even had a Morris Bart-themed birthday party!

The other guy is Gordon McKernan. Gordon is a newcomer in the area, but has hit the ground running with around 788,000 billboards in the ArkLaTex. That number may be inflated just a tad, but it certainly feels that way.

One thing I've noticed though, are that these two lawyers usually have billboards very close to each other. That's not all, their billboards look almost exactly alike. Same background color, same font color, and same positioning. It's actually pretty insane considering an episode of Better Call Saul featuring the lead man doing this exact thing.

So, is it a coincidence, or are one of these two doing their best Saul Goodman impression.

Take a look!