James Rozas, Jr., 28, of Eunice is a genius in his own mind.  JR possibly watched Ocean's 11 on too many times, because he thought he could hide right under the police's noses.  Or butts.

That's right!  Cime-stein thought he could hide in his hollowed out couch like he was David Copperfield.  Make no mistake, this brain trust is a real criminal.  According to KXAN, James here was wanted on charges of:

...vehicle theft in Acadia Parish and by the St. Landry Sheriff’s Office for resisting an officer, simple escape, illegal possession of stolen firearms, and a violation of protective order"

It looks like the Amazing James was expecting something along those lines for some time, as police found a trap door in one of the closets that would allow Houdini to escape on the other occasions.

Along with finding the world champion hide and seeker in the hollowed out couch, officers found three stolen firearms from the home.