I am eagerly awaiting the announcement that promises me an easy million dollars in my bank account. I think an extra million thrown my way for keeping myself and my family safe isn't a bad idea. I am all about cash motivation. The actual “Shot at a Million” is sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Health, it's one last push to get Louisianians vaccinated against covid.

If you want to get registered for a chance at a million dollars you can only do it online. You have to go to ShotAtAMillion.com to get registered. What happens if someone calls you telling you they want to help you get registered? It's a scam.

According to WDSU 6 News, several Louisiana residents are being targeted for a scam that seems totally legitimate. The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office has received several complaints concerning the Louisiana COVID Lottery. St. Charles Parish residents claim that they have been getting calls to "help them register for the Louisiana COVID Lottery". The problem is the number calling Louisiana residents looks legitimate so why wouldn't residents believe it?

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The criminals will act like they are being helpful and ask for your information that they can turn around and use later. They'll ask for your social security number, your date of birth and they may even ask for your bank information just in case you win the million dollars so they can deposit the money. This is called "spoofing".

According to ForcePoint.com "spoofing" is "the act of disguising a communication from an unknown source as being from a known, trusted source." It can be an email, and in this specific case, it's a phone call.

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Remember that the only way to register for the Shot at a Million is to do it online. Click here for more info.

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