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If you've seen an above-average amount of snakes this year in Louisiana, you're not alone. Here's why...

I can't stand a snake. Keep your nope ropes away from me. Seriously, I don't care if it's a 'good' snake or even if it's already dead, I don't want one anywhere near my vicinity. Just yesterday, a snake appeared next to my friend Julie's two-year-old son out of the blue. I've never seen someone move so fast. She snatched that baby up in the blink of an eye! And that was the second snake I've seen in the last week. So, what gives? Why are we seeing so many snakes this year in Louisiana?

What do we know about snakes in Louisiana?

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana is home to 47 native snake species but only seven of those are venomous. Once the weather warms up and stays that way, snakes come out of their winter hibernation spots in search of food, mates, and a place to sunbathe. The height of snake season in Louisiana is April through July, so basically, now...

While I've already made it clear that I don't believe in 'good' snakes, LDWF says that 'snakes only bite to defend themselves when they feel threatened or provoked. If a bite occurs from a suspected venomous snake, seek medical attention promptly at your local hospital or by dialing 911.' I don't know about you, but I don't intend to get that close!

How does Louisiana rank when it comes to snakes?

If you're a snake hater like me, you won't like this.  World Population Review states that Louisiana is fourth in the nation when it comes to having the most snakes. Our friends to the west in Texas are ranked second. I don't like those odds.

While I couldn't find a concrete reason for why we're seeing more snakes than usual this year in Louisiana, some folks online are attributing the phenomena to the upcoming invasion of cicadas. Apparently, cicadas are a tasty meal for some snakes, including copperheads. Isn't that lovely? Not in the least, especially because Caddo Parish is predicted to be a hotspot for cicadas in Louisiana. Stay safe, y'all!

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