Trying to decide what you are going to do with your career can be difficult.  If you don't pick the right direction, you could end up in a low-pay, high-stress situation.  You need to choose something that you are passionate about, but also something that will provide the kind of financial compensation you need for food and things.

If you have a passion for painting, your path may be difficult.  Lots of successful painters died well before they started selling their art.  On the other hand, if you have a passion for helping people - the compensation is much better.  Some hospitals and clinics have begun offering larger sign-on bonuses (some as large as $10,000) to attract one of the most valuable commodities in the work force today - nurses.

Your value as a nurse is only going to go up from here.  According to the US Census Bureau, in less than 3 years - Louisiana will be about 1,700 nurses short.  By 2030 that number balloons to over 10,000!  As the need increases, so will the pay!

Make your choice wisely.  You could be the most insightful barista with a bachelors in psychology pulling a double shift, or you could be a first year nurse travelling to Europe on her vacation.  Don't get me wrong, you should do what makes you happy - but if making money and having job security makes you happy, just look into nursing.  First year nurses generally make $50,000+ in sweet greenback money.

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