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Let's ALL be honest here...at the start of the season, everyone thought the LSU Tigers were gonna suck. After the first couple games of the year, people all over Louisiana were calling the Brian Kelly hire a mistake and were calling for him to get fired.

Then, things turned around. LSU knocked off Alabama, won some other games and were ranked #5 in the country. Unfortunately, LSU's loss last week knocked them out of playoff consideration and they're going into the SEC Championship game against Georgia as big time underdogs. While the general feeling is that LSU is going to get slaughtered, there are a few things that should bring Tiger fans hope.

Can LSU Really Beat Georgia?

Before we get into betting odds and all that, let's start with the big question: Does LSU have a Snowball's chance in hell against Georgia? And while the 'smart money' says LSU has no chance...but that's not what recent history says. The Tigers have won 4 out of the last 5 match-ups. This year, LSU is 3-1 when they're the underdog with the lone loss coming to Tennessee.

So, will LSU win? Who knows. But, to say they have absolutely no chance would be a bit unfair.

How You Can Win Even if LSU Loses

As I've stated numerous times, I don't know if LSU can win this game. Every indication is that Georgia is going blow past LSU on their way to the College Football Playoffs. However, even if LSU loses, you could still be a winner. As you may know, sports betting is legal in Louisiana now. And the odds are favorable for LSU.

According to Sports Illustrated, here's the current odds on the game:

  • Spread: Georgia -17.5
  • Over/under: 51.5
  • Moneyline: Georgia -865, LSU +615

And there's a lot of talk that Vegas may move the line again. So, by the time kickoff rolls around, LSU may be closer to 20 point underdogs. Which is bad news for Georgia and good news for you. As I mentioned above, LSU is 3-1 as underdogs this season. They're also 3-1 when betting against the spread. So, quick math here, that means they cover 75% of the time this season as an underdog. On the other side, on the season, Georgia is 6-6 against the spread this year. Which means, if you take LSU and the points, the odds seem to be in your favor.

I'm not telling you to put money on the game. But, what I am saying, a small bet on the spread may give you at least a small victory if LSU fails to pull off a miraculous win.


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