This video has gone viral, and for good reason. It will make you cry with laughter.

Yet, the tears you cry probably won't be anything quite like the tears shed by this poor fellow after his, uh, incident.

Some guy just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, and man you know he's happy he was there. This guy was filming near the Thames River in London when the unthinkable happened, and the guy behind the camera literally couldn't hold himself together. Let's see if you can keep it better than him, but I doubt you can.

In the footage, he happens to film two guys walking down a large set of stairs that lead into the river. Sadly, one guy was in for the fall, or stumble of his life. His foot slips, and then he hilariously fell, slid, tumbled all the way down into the Thames River.

Poor guy, but hopefully he was a good sport about it and enjoys his sudden internet fame.


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