We have had several discussions of which communities will move forward with trick-or-treating and which people will participate in Halloween events amid the coronavirus pandemic. How can we safely navigate through trick-or-treating this year? Luckily for us, an Ohio man came up with a genius simple “touch-free” way of handing out Halloween candy this year.

Andrew Beattie is clearly eager for Halloween festivities, so much that he constructed a 6-inch candy chute that is the perfect length of his porch rail. It looks like the Halloween lover spray painted the tube orange and used black tape to decorate the candy chute in spooky colors. The thought behind the candy chute is simple, Beattie can drop candy from the top of his stairs through the pipe and the candy would land safely in the trick-or-treaters bucket.

What if kids just walk up and grab the bottom of the candy chute? Mr.Beattie thought of that too. He took to his Facebook page to say "Edit #1: a quick update, since some have voiced valid health concerns. This will be a completely "touch-free" experience for trick or treaters. There will be a sign at the bottom of the tube showing them where to hold their bags and buckets so the candy can drop right in. I, personally, will be wearing a mask and changing gloves frequently, and the candy will be from a factory-sealed bag that I'll open outside by the candy chute.
I want our youngins to be able to have some sense of normalcy and maybe a little bit of exercise in all this madness, and I've put a LOT of thought into how to do so safely, and I appreciate your concern."

If you want to make this candy chute for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood it's simple. Beattie put the candy chute together from throwaway materials a 6' x 4" cardboard shipping tube and stuff that he already had in his home. If you don't have many of these items, a quick trip to your local hardware store can take care of the tube and spray paint.

Our 6' candy chute is ready to be attached to the handrail! Come on, Halloween!!!

Edit #1: a quick update, since...

Posted by Andrew Beattie on Saturday, September 12, 2020

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