Scott Graham is the man behind Man Made Soap and he's on a mission to make the SBC smell like roses... Or in this case, Monkey Farts.

I came across an article in the Shreveport Times about a man pursuing his passion of making soap... Man Made Soap. So encouraged by the thought of this Bossier Citizens National Bank manager making his soap dream a reality, I decided to share it with all of you in my "Good News" segment on the show.

Little did I know the man himself, Scott Graham, would call me. We had a great chat about his product.

I meant it when I told him I would visit him at the Shreveport Famers' Market. I shuffled my way through the crowd before finding his booth in the Artists' Alley. Of course, I had to smell every bar.

That was a mistake.

Honestly, you can't decided on which one is your favorite. He's got girly fragrances, manly scents, and favorites like Blueberry Breeze. Even a fun fragrance called, Monkey Farts. So... I left with a bag full. My husband has already tested out the Margaritaville scent and it smells WONDERFUL!!

Plus, since Graham uses all-natural ingredients (some home-grown), the soap doesn't dry out your skin. Which is phenomenal for my military husband who showers twice a day.

According to the Shreveport Times, Graham became fascinated with soap while chaperoning a school trip to Disney World. One student had left a bar in the shower. Graham told the Times, "It smelled so good. Then he left it in the shower and I had to try it. I was hooked."

You can find Man Made Soap every Saturday at the Shreveport Farmers' Market.

Photo Courtesy of Jess
Photo Courtesy of Jess

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