This is nothing short of absolutely unbelievable.

The thumbnail alone looks like some kid spend 20 hours photoshopping it. There's no way it's real, right? I said the same thing, but after watching the video five times, this is absolutely real and borderline tough to watch.

It's tough to watch because, let's face it, things could go very badly, very quickly.

And they do, but not nearly as bad as it could have gotten.

In the video, we see a crane int he middle of a rescue operation begin tilting onto it's side. It quickly looks as though the crane will come crashing over any minute, and it does. The frightening part, however, is that someone was still on the crane when it began to slip.

Luckily, somehow someway, the man was able to jump off as the crane came crashing down. He survived, but did sustain quite a few injuries.

Here's the clip!


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