I can't say I can recall a sitting mayor being deployed while in office, but that's what is happening now in nearby Atlanta, Texas.

Mayor Travis Ransom was elected to lead the town of Atlanta, Texas in 2017. This week, he received the call from the U.S. Army and has put aside the mayoral title. Later this Fall, Command Sgt. Maj. Travis Ransom will serve in support of Operation Freedom's Sentinel in Afghanistan.

According to KTBS, Ransom has been a veteran of the Army Reserves for 23 years. Personally, I would like to take the moment to thank Command Sgt. Maj. Ransom and his family for his lifetime of service to our country and his community. I can't imagine what it's like to go from mayor of a small East Texas town one day, then defending our nation overseas the next. To be completely honest, I'm honored to have a man of such high-caliber as a next-door neighbor to us in Shreveport.

Ransom is expecting his deployment to Afghanistan to last nine months. Ransom says, "If our nation decides otherwise then we'll stand in the breach and we'll continue to serve there as long as we're asked to, but we have a good opportunity really finish with honor and come home."

In Ransom's absence, the Mayor Pro-tem in Atlanta, Texas will be Dean McDuff.

Godspeed Mayor and Command Sgt. Maj. Travis Ransom!



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