After six weeks of nonstop training with Hot Trainer, I decided that my meal prepping needs to be at the top of my to-do list. I decided to go to Pinterest to get inspiration. There were too many recipes to go through.

I would click on a recipe that looked delicious but then I realized I needed a cup of camel milk and a teaspoon of black truffles. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating but seriously, it upset me that half of the recipes required crazy rare items or items that I would have to visit 30 different stores to find.
Like always, I’m here needing your advice. If you’re like me and trying your best to eat healthier I need your genius brain for a minute. What meals do you use to meal prep that are easy and affordable? I can cook all day no problem. My biggest struggle is finding a delicious meal that I can reheat on the regular and enjoy after having it for the third day in a row.
If you use a meal prep service I’d love to hear about who you love to use as well. You’re the best in case I haven’t told you that lately.