Apparently he wanted a side of fries with that muffler replacement.

A video has gone viral showing a mechanic taking a very nice car to a drive-thru restaurant. Of course, I would never have to worry about this happening to me, because the mechanic would never be seen dead driving my hideous car.

This car in question, however, is quite nice, and he wanted to show it off while it was in the shop getting repairs done.

A woman in Southern California noticed a mechanic literally joyriding in her husband's rare sports car. the car is a 500 Chevy Camaro Pace Car, and one of only 200 in the US. I'm guessing it's not that hard to spot. The woman then followed the mechanic into a fast food restaurant's drive through, where she confronted him on camera.

Once he was busted, the lies came in hot like an engine overdue for an oilc change. Quickly, he informed her it wasn't her car. Which is probably the worst lie you can tell someone when you're literally sitting in their car. Next, he confessed that it was her car (duh) but that he was only test-driving it... To make sure the air is working fine.

Finally, he gave up, and drove the car back to the garage, where he probably turned in his resignation as well. No word yet on the official aftermath of this strange event, but there's no possible way this guy is still employed.

Check out the footage!