These "loss prevention officers" were no match for this shoplifter.

I have to start by saying I, personally, have never attempted to reign in a would-be shoplifter. I have to imagine that this situation is a little scary, considering you have no clue who you're up against. Also, a shoplifter has nothing to lose, so you know they won't (generally) go down without a fight.

Having said that, in my heart I truly believe I could have done a better job than these two.

This clip comes from Tennessee, where two plain-clothed loss prevention officers caught a shoplifter. Well, I don't think "caught" is the right word... more like "Failed miserably at catching".

The clip shows the two officers struggling to handcuff a female shoplifter. At one point, the woman even got the male officer into a headlock!

Eventually, she breaks free and runs through the mall, until she was ultimately arrested by trained police officers.

Check this out!


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