Miss Greater Baton Rouge Megan Miller was a walking wounded contestant. She had an accident, injured her leg, and it got infected, requiring surgery. But that wasn't going to stop this beauty with a belter's voice from making her 'American Idol' audition in Baton Rouge, La., which aired tonight (Jan. 24).

So Miller hobbled before the judges on heels and on crutches, saying, "I will let it fall off before I miss my 'Idol' audition. It's not life or death, so it can wait." Clearly, Miller is a girl after both Mariah Carey's and Nicki Minaj's hearts. She's ambitious, and she does her thang in heels, no matter what the situation and circumstance. That's a diva-in-training, one who won't forgo heels due to something like a busted leg!

Miller is girl who knows what she wants in life. Thankfully, her voice and her talent matched her bravado and her confidence level, as she belted out Etta James' classic 'Something's Got a Hold on Me.' She reminds us of previous contestants Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez.

She certainly had a leg up and got a pass to the next round, since the judges loved her.

Post Script: Miller had her surgery and is recovering just fine. We're so glad about that. We can't wait to see her on two strong legs!