I don't interview many Mexican soap opera stars, but now I know to not ask what this reporter asked!

His name is  Eduardo Yanez and clearly, he is not a man to be messed with. Recently, he was walking a red carpet in Los Angeles, when he decided to take a few questions from reporters.

During an exchange with one reporter in particular, things got exceptionally heated. Since I failed Spanish 1 three years in a row, I have absolutely no clue what was said. Whatever it was, clearly our boy Eduardo was not a fan. Maybe he dissed his spray tan, or his moosed hair. Or maybe he couldn't believe a soap opera star could be so stuck up?

Either way, things ended badly for the reporter once Eduardo finally snapped. He reached back and slapped the reporter with an open hand. I mean, he really got him good. It's a miracle he didn't fall to the ground unconscious.

Since the incident, Yanez has apologized, but it still looks like he'll be facing charges.