This happened in Florida, uh, because of course it did.

Of course, I guess the same could be said if this family was here in Louisiana. Let's face it, people not from 'round here assume that most of us simply ride gators into work alond the bayou. Naturally, that's not the case, but of course we do see our fair share of these beasts.

I must say, I think I have superior alligator radar. As in, if there's one near me, I promise you I will know about it.

The same cannot be said for this Florida mom.

To her credit, the gator in her yard was camoflauged pretty well, but still! The true humor, I think, comes from the fact that her son was sliding down a slip and slide, with an INFLATABLE ALLIGATOR.

Little did she know, a real gator was just a few feet away.

It's a smaller gator, and can be seen on the right side of the screen about 22 seconds in.

Check it out!