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Shreveport, typically, sees snow once every three years. We already had a pretty good snow storm back in January, so we're done until 2024, right? Maybe not. Because, according to the latest weather projections, there's actually a chance for a snowy/wintery mix next week.

An artic blast is expected to move into the area next Wednesday, dropping the temps from upper 50s/low 60s down to around freezing. So, it's about to get real cold real fast. On top of the blast of artic air, there's a precipitation front coming right behind. So, by next Thursday and Friday, it's going to be wet. Now, the only question is will it just be a cold rain, snow or a wintery mix of snow and sleet.

Well, depending on which forecast you look at, that's up for debate. Weather.com is predicting a wintery mix of rain, sleet and snow for Thursday February 11th. There are some other projections and models showing rain/sleet and others are projecting straight snow.

We have a full 7 days before we have to worry too much about it. But, most people didn't think it would snow the last time and we got a pretty good dusting...so this is probably worth keeping an eye on.

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