It can be so easy to get in a rush in the morning.  Waking up late, kids who won't cooperate, and about million other things will have you cutting corners in the a.m. before you know it.  One of the most common things to cut from the morning routine is breakfast. However, experts say if you do - you're really setting your body up for failure later in the day.

According to, 1 in 4 (25%) folks miss the most important meal of the day once or more throughout the week -  and an astonishing 13% skip it every single day!  Experts agree that not only does a morning meal keep the "hangries" away until lunch time rolls around - it kicks starts your metabolism in a way that helps you do the right thing with your food all day long.  If you are on any type of diet, breakfast is the key to keeping your body on an even keel.  Not only will eating something in the morning keep you from that starving feeling that causes a lot of folks to overeat at lunch, it also provides sustenance for your body and brain by replenishing crucial blood sugars your mind and muscles have depleted throughout the night!  Don't let the kiddos skip breakfast either, studies show that kids who get it in are able to concentrate, remember, and perform better overall in school.

The best thing for a quick breakfast?  A sugary pastry may sound delicious, but it won't last you long.  Experts agree that your morning meal should have a mix of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fiber.  Smoothies are a great (and fast) way to grab all of these if you don't have time for a 7 course meal.  WebMD has several other very healthy suggestions here.


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