Have you ever heard someone say, "Mosquitoes think I am sweet", or that the reason you get attacked by mosquitoes more than your friend is because you have "sweet blood"? Well they are attracted to some people more than others and it is all because of one thing: the way you smell!

According to Bustle, "...body odor from lactic acid, heat and carbon dioxide in our breath" attract mosquitoes. Yep, that hot, spicy breath is what draws in those blood- suckers. Get this! Pregnant women are more likely to get bit because they produce more carbon dioxide in their breath.

That's not all. Mosquitoes are also more likely to bite you if you are dehydrated. Which is another reason on a long list of many that you should be drinking plenty of water.

As someone who always gets attacked for my so called "sweet blood" I will be toting around more water next time I venture out into mosquito-filled areas. Also, a little bit of lavender essential oil helps.

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