Lucky for you, I'm not "most Americans."

For some people, gift-giving is their... well, gift. They know just what to buy or create that will make someone very happy. I am not this person. I am much better at giving my time or being present around the holiday season. I never know what to buy and every venture to the store feels like a career move. So I usually don't buy anything and I feel like the Grinch during the grand holiday gift exchange, standing there empty-handed.

And, unfortunately, giving a gift card is frowned upon.

That's at least according to a recent survey that says only 14 percent of people want to receive a gift card for Christmas. So what are people hoping for? That same survey says 62 percent of Americans want a gift "from the heart." Ok. Let's just add another layer to this pressure snowman we're building here.

And you'll get bonus points if your gift is personalized. 66 percent of people say that a personalized gift is more memorable and it's less likely to be tossed or re-gifted. You may want to look into engraving, etching, or even making something. I made scarves for everyone in my family one year and I think they were well-received.

But if you're thinking of getting something for me? Yeah, the gift card will do just fine! It's the gift that keeps on giving as I get to shop for something I really want and I don't have to spend my own money on it!

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