Mudbug Madness is simply incredible. As always, the festival kicked off today with the celebrity crawfish eating contest!

Let me start by saying I have considered myself lucky for 365 days after barely winning the contest last year. I could have lost last go around, but found a way to win, and today, I wasn't expecting to finish first.

The competition was as fierce as ever. To my left, two-time champion Joel Rodgers, Chris Jay, Roy Land III, and Mike Martindale. I figured all of my competition was down to my left, but I should have been worried about my right.

No, not the two to my immediate right, which were Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty, two of my great friends... But further down sat Shreveport Mudbugs head coach Jason "Soupy" Cambell and also Domonique Benn. Domonique, by the way, is the sweetest person I've ever met in media and let me tell you, she could have easily won that contest today.

It came down to the wire between Dominique and I, but luckily I held her off by only a few seconds. Previous champion Joel Rodgers came in third.


Via Shreveport-Bossier The Other Side