I have been a Louisiana resident for 3+ years now, and it feels like home.  My younger brother Scott is in a similar yet completely different situation. We were both born in Texas then moved to different states to pursue our dreams.  His was to be an actor, and he has succeeded a few times over.  Mine was to be a world champion mudbug eater - and I have failed deliciously.  Now, I want to share what I have learned (and tasted) with my little bro - but I find myself on the short end of the experience stick when it comes to Louisiana culinary knowledge.  That's why I turn to you.

Before he goes back to the Big Apple, I want to set him up with the tastes of the Bayou State.  I know that you can make a roux anywhere, but can you get the spices to make a decent one that far north?  Unlikely.

I could just ship him a case of Tony's, but that's too easy.  I need to send him a basket of deep south love meant for the mouth.  I have heard that spices like "Slap Yo Mama," are good but I need more.  Comment with your favorite go-to spice all and help me spice up the Empire State.