I've been in contact with Santa Claus this year.

Who says you're too old to ask Santa for something for Christmas? I don't think we ever grow out of that phase. Even if we don't go visit some man dressed like Santa at the mall or write a letter addressed to the North Pole, I think when we hope for something during this time of year, it's our hearts sending a message to Santa.

My one wish for you this Christmas is to feel loved.

Love is a powerful emotion and one that we all have the power to give. We can feel love in so many ways. Love can come from someone near you, be it a family member, friend or even a pet. We can also feel love by giving love. Have you ever done something for someone else and experienced an extreme case of the warm and fuzzies? That's love.

I pray that this holiday season you are able to give and receive love that surpasses all understanding. I hope that your heart is so full after this holiday season that it carries you through this next year. I wish that the love you experience is so great that you can't possibly contain it and you find yourself sharing it with everyone around you.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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