The anticipation is almost too much for my nieces to handle. They have so many questions in regards to Santa. My oldest niece understands that Santa has to drop by millions of homes in one night and she's eagerly waiting for him to finally show up in East Texas. She is constantly asking for an update.

Turns out there is a very kid-friendly tracker that will teach your littles a lot about geography and different parts of the world all while they watch Santa make his way through the globe. Don't you wish this was something that would have been around when we were kids?

You can set up this website as a favorite on your kid's tablet or even on your computer desktop. I imagine eagerly waiting for Santa is a lot like hearing "are we there yet?" while on a road trip.


The Santa Tracker hosted by Google also has interactive games for your kids to play online. So far this is the coolest most interactive Santa Tracker I have seen. You can make yourself an elf, have snowball fights, and play fin games with Santa's elves.

Make sure your kiddos remember that Santa won't show up unless all the littles are sleeping. Happy Santa Tracking to you and your kiddos.

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