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Think there's nothing you could do to end up on Santa's naughty list in Shreveport? Think again! Now, getting ahold of said list might be harder... unless you've kept with all of the Caddo Correctional Center booking photos for the year;) However, we have a long memory and love to help Santa!

Santa doesn't like it when people fight in Shreveport.

Santa won't bring presents for people who steal.

Santa really doesn't like it when you expose yourself to innocent bystanders.

Santa prefers if you keep your bathroom usage inside of actual bathrooms.

You'll be on Santa's naughty list forever if you mess with kids, the elderly, or our pets.

In short, don't throw hands, keep it in your pants, don't touch what's not yours, and leave the elderly, kids, and pets alone. Seems easy, but then the stories we listed were just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe that means more for us?

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