Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but is it normal to have detailed, fluent text conversations with your six-year-old daughter?

My daughter, River, is going into the second grade at Fairfield Magnet Elementary. This year was amazing because we really saw River take a leap in terms of reading and writing. The girl can read anything and everything, and even better, she absolutely loves to read.

Still, whenever we are away from each other, we've always just face-timed each other a few times throughout the day.

Somehow, unexpectedly that changed about a week ago.

Now we're full-on texting.

I received this first text from River while she was staying at my mom's house. "What time do you think you'll be here? This is River". It was perfect and I couldn't believe it was her so I asked her to prove it was her and she responded by sending me about 4,000 gifs that I know she likes. Since, we send each other probably 10-15 texts a day while I'm working. Our conversations range from "What are we doing tonight" to "I saw seven Gordon McKernan billboards today" to straight up poop emojis in the thousands.

It's really a strange feeling to have such detailed conversations with my daughter in this new way for her, and I absolutely love it.

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