When you send a text to someone, you expect a response within a reasonable amount of time.  When you send a text to your child, you probably have slightly different expectations.  Sure, we'd like for them to get back to us right away - but that usually doesn't happen.  The excuses range from the banal, "I didn't hear it," to the more exotic "I was helping save orphans from a burning building."  That doesn't explain how they updated their Facebook 20 times, sent out a few hundred tweets, and finally figured out the right selfie filter - but I'm sure they were busy.

Enter Replyasap.  This new app promises parents, or really anyone who is tired of having their texts ignored, that waiting on a response to an important text is a thing of the past.  When a message is sent via the app, an alarm sounds on the phone until it is read - even if the phone is on silent.  The app overrides anything the phone is currently doing.  Social media, games, phone-calls - nothing the phone is currently doing is safe from being shoved to the back burner until the message is acknowledged.  Not only will the device be extremely annoying until you answer, it will also relay that acknowledgement back to the sender.  This will eliminate the "I didn't see it," type of excuses altogether.

It's not recommended that you use Replyasap as the main line of communication for your family, but as an emergency last line of defense.

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