I had the rare opportunity to provide the voice of a character pinball machine and I totally got to see and play it!

At the beginning of the year I was passed along a script for a pinball machine. Totally awesome, right? I recorded my demo and sent off my "audition" to the guys in Chicago at Whizbang Pinball who were creating the game. The character is Melony, who works on a melon farm. She is sweet and excitable. Very Ellie-May-Clampet like. However, she has no idea how attractive and seductive she is.

And surprise, surprise, they liked me!

Shortly after, I recorded the actual voice of Melony with the game developers on the phone with me. I was so nervous! After a few more weeks of scripts and recordings, the game was finally put together and Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons was born. Whizbang is now distributing the game via Stern Pinball.

And my voice is on it! Can you believe it?

Here are my pictures from the Texas Pinball Festival, where I got to play a bunch of cool games, including mine. I gotta say, it was pretty awesome watching people play Whoa Nellie! without having any idea that I was the voice.

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