Throwing it back on this Thursday to last weekend when I came across my old friend, Melony.

Last weekend, my husband surprised me with a quick little getaway to one of my favorite cites, New York. Some of you may not know that I actually lived in NYC for a hot minute in college while working for ESPN Radio. Anytime I get to go back is special for me.

And anytime my husband finds one of my old projects is special for me too.

Some of you also may not know that I had a rare opportunity to voice a character on a pinball machine. The game is an original release from Stern Pinball called "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons." I'll wait for the giggles to subside. It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone as I had to really turn on the southern charm and bring this character to life.

The game is the brainchild of Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres of Whizbang Pinball. Aside from the hilarious concept, the game features beautiful artwork that was done by hand and it's a nod to the classic pinball games from back in the day. And the main character, Melony, just so happens to be a blonde bombshell. Anyone else seeing a resemblance?

Anyway, we found one in Brooklyn at a great little pub called Jackbar.

I was hesitant to tell the owner, Jon, who I was because I didn't want to put him in an uncomfortable position if he didn't really feel a connection to the game. However, I was completely wrong. He was ecstatic to meet me and told me everything about how he got the game, why it was one of his favorites in his collection and how he hopes to never part with it.

He even asked me to sign the game...


All in all it was a special treat getting to see something that I got to be a part of, doing what it was meant to do, entertain. Now can I please get those abs and legs that Melony has? Guess I'll have to take a job on the farm.

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