My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last May. This shook me to my core. This was the moment that I realized that there will come a day where I will have to live my life without my mother being around anymore. This terrified me. I am extremely close to my mom. She is my best friend. I remember the moment she called me like it was all in slow motion.

I was working at a radio station in Jacksonville, Texas. I was getting ready to be on air when my mother called. I knew something was wrong because it is unlike her to call me when I was in the studio. I answer the phone and she said that she has bad news and good news. She said slowly, "I have breast cancer." Everything stood still. Even the tears brewing in the corner of my eyes were standing still. She continued, "But they caught it early." Of course I didn't hear that. All I heard was the one word that repeated in my head again and again hours later, cancer.

The next month she would go to doctor's appointments after doctor's appointments. The feeling of seeing her go through this knowing there was nothing I can do to help her. All I could do was try to make her laugh and spend time with her. Thankfully they did catch it early. So early in fact that only a few surgeries later she was cancer free.

Today she is  one year and one month cancer free. She told me that the best way to help spread awareness is to tell your story. This may not be my story, but this is my mother. My mother is my hero.


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