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They say that the key to enjoying the good things in life is moderation, but I don't think that applies to really good BBQ.  Luckily, we now have access to lots of great BBQ now that a brand new place to chow down is open.  Exercise moderation if you must, but I plan to go "whole hog."

TSM - Lisa Janes
TSM - Lisa Janes

Bodacious BBQ cut the ribbon on their new Shreveport location today

Starting today, hungry Shreveport residents on the hunt for delicious smoked meats, sides, desserts and more can fill that BBQ shaped hole in their heart (or stomach, as the case may be) at the brand new Bodacious BBQ located at 8410 Line Avenue in Shreveport.  According to Bodacious' official Facebook page, the pits are hot and smoking right now!

TSM - Lisa Janes
TSM - Lisa Janes

How would you like to work here?

That's right, there's more than delicious BBQ on the menu at Bodacious - they've also got some tasty jobs!  As is the case with pretty much every restaurant in the country right now, Bodacious is looking for a few good employees. As you can see, this location has a full bar in need of tending in addition to the kitchen and server positions.  Although the restaurant is open for business now, it's still a great way to get your foot in the door of the BBQ biz!  You can peruse openings and apply for a position here.


Bodacious BBQ is locally owned and operated by Eric & Andrea Reuther

Don't be fooled by the restaurants slick and polished appearance, this BBQ joint is legit.  It should be, because Eric & Andrea Reuther have been running the BBQ game in Bossier City since 1999.  If you've ever eaten at the Bossier location on Barksdale Blvd., you know that it's the real deal.  Unfortunately, you may have a hard time deciding what to order, because BBQ isn't the only thing they serve.  Alongside the hefty meat plates and the famous "Botato," Bodacious will also have smoked salmon, crawfish etouffee, and other classic southern favorites.

Check out the entire menu here, and good luck on that "moderation" thing!

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