There are a million dating apps you could use to find a date.  From farmers to Christians - even clowns have a specific app for finding a match suitable for your long term (and in some cases very short term) romantic needs, but they all have the same drawback.  They are showing you exactly what they want you to see.  Now, a new challenger in the dating app world is set to change all of that.

Challengr was developed by one of the smartest men in the world.  MIT Aerospace engineer Garrett Fritz spent the first part of his career creating helicopter simulators for the Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Dutch Air Force before moving into the private sector.  As a civilian, he developed custom apps for the LA Kings, Slipknot, and Major League Baseball.  Now, Fritz has developed a dating app that delves deeper than the surface scratchers like Tinder, Bumble, etc.

Challengr allows you to issue a challenge to your prospective match in order to see if they have what it takes to catch your attention.  For example, if you are an exercise nut - you could make your challenge 20 pull-ups.  The person that wants to match with you would have to submit a video of said pull-ups being done for your perusal.  That way, when you are looking for perfect partner for dates and marathons you won't be let down by a pretty face in workout gear - you'll have the real thing!

If you are a Star Wars fan, you could ask what the best film of the franchise is.  If they say Episode I: A Phantom Menace, you walk away from that liar without having to go through several dates before you figure out they're an idiot!  It's almost too perfect!

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