LSU Health New Orleans Professor and Infectious Disease Specialist Fred Lopez says it compares favorably to the TamiFlu.

Let's face it, flu season is here. Pretty soon, entire office buildings will be on lock down anytime someone comes in to work and delivers a gruesome cough. The flu is a beast, and it's here. Now, though, we have a new weapon to fight against the F-word.

There's a new drug that just got approved, that is getting praise from LSU Health New Orleans Professor Fred Lopez. He says, "It looks like it is just as good as reducing the duration of symptoms so if you take it within two days of getting flu symptoms you can reduce the duration of the flu by one to two days.”

Lopez also stressed the importance of getting your flu shot.

“It is still early in the flu season but it has already started, but if you have not already been vaccinated then you should go out as quickly as possible and get immunized against the flu.”

If you're wondering, this new drug is called Xofluza and will run you about $150.