If you are dating, you're probably using a dating app of some sort.  That ends up being a job in and of itself, right?  You've got to set up and maintain your profile with the cutest picture and the right stats before you even jump into the pool of available daters and get to the real work.  Once you are in the mix, you've got to be on the hunt for a worthwhile date.  That means going through a ton of other peoples profiles.  Just think of the finger strain and, more importantly, the massive amount of time this process takes.  That means less time for you to be social and meet people you could actually date.  That's right, the app that is supposed to save you time trying to find a date could be keeping you from meeting people to date!

My stance is this: If technology got us into this mess, it can sure as heck get us out of it! Enter the Tinda Finger.  This little baby here is the epitome of over-engineered solutions for unnecessary problems we created in the first place.  Sure, people have been dating and hooking long before this (or any) technology existed - but who cares!  If you can agree that a 100-inch television is better than a 99-inch television, this is the gadget is for you!  Watch it operate in all of it's 6,000 SPH glory!

The Tinda Finger has it's limitations, however.  Obviously this device assumes that you are going for quantity over quality.  Great for single guys, not so much for single girls.