Locally owned Soda Shops are a thing of the past... Or at least thats what we thought before we saw a brand new one opening up in South Shreveport! Bubbles Drinks is set to open in just a few days and it seems everyone is talking about it! The Shreveport Times caught up with the owner and talked to them about how family friendly their place will be saying “This is something definitely to bring your kids where not only will the parents enjoy, but the kids, for sure, will enjoy.”

Bubbles Drinks will be able to do custom drinks no matter what you're craving. The new store will be located in South Shreveport at 1939 Southern Loop but you might also see them all over town in their beverage truck on a hot day.

Checking out their website it looks like the way it works is you pick your starter drink from common brands like coke or pepsi and then choose a new exciting flavor to mix with them. Of course if you want a float or a creamer drink they have all the stuff for that as well. Bubbles Drinks is set to open their doors in Shreveport on June 4th!

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