Divorce is a sad thing.  We've all seen someone we know and/or love go though the process, if not gone through it ourselves.  Unfortunately. it becomes necessary in some cases.  Some folks in our fair state wanted to speed that process up, and almost succeeded.

Currently it takes 1 year of being separated before you can be divorce your spouse in Louisiana, unless there are mitigating factors like domestic violence.  Lawmakers recently proposed new rules that would have cut this time in half.  This would match the 6 month wait time that couples who have no children, children older than 18, or children younger than 18 from a previous relationship must endure.

The vote was so close!  To pass, 53 votes were required - but the measure only received 52 votes.  Looks like it will still take a solid year to hit splitsville.  There are more details from Us News and World Report here.