Last night I watched a Netflix Original that left me sobbing. "Then Came You" hit close to home, I knew what I was getting into because I watched the trailer.

Do you know what I am never prepared for? Scenes where dogs die. Maybe it started with "Old Yeller" that sweet little Black Mouth Cur should have gotten his rabies shots. My sister would cry every single time, in fact, she still is a crier. A bad one. The days of us being shocked and upset over the death of a dog in a movie are behind us. There is now a website that lets you know if the dog dies at the end of the movie.

From all of us emotional creatures, thank you. The website gives us the spoilers we need to be able to emotionally prepare for a dogs death in a movie, book, or television series.

If you have ever lost a dear pet you probably understand how much of an emotional rollercoaster this can be. Before you watch that movie with a dog in it, go to and prepare yourself.

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