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I may have lived in Louisiana or 5+ years now, but I am a Texas boy through and through.  That means I: Have to love the Cowboys or the Texans, have to know how to ride a horse, and must love Whataburger.  None of those requirements pose a challenge for me, especially the last one.  I could eat a delicious burger from that orange and white striped paradise at least 5 out of 7 days of the week (you have to leave room for BBQ).

My love for Whataburger goes far beyond the food

Don't get me wrong, I can count on one hand the amount of bad experiences I had with the food at my beloved WB - and I'd still have 4 fingers left!  That being said, the most glorious thing to come out of my favorite burger joint (up until today) isn't technically edible at all - it's a t-shirt.  I'll never forget the first time I saw someone wearing a t-shirt bearing the same image you'll find on the top of a tub of spicy ketchup.  It was literally the coolest piece of clothing I had ever seen.  This is the kind of shirt you wear to your wedding and pass down to your kids.

Via Shop.whataburger.com
Via Shop.whataburger.com

Where does a WB-head get those wonderful clothes?

There is a magical place on the internet called the "Whatastore."  The awesome items bearing that inspiring orange "W" logo found on this site go way beyond simple (but attractive) t-shirts.  Hats, swim trunks, Jenga sets, and more essential Whataburger products are all for sale, but the latest collaboration with Igloo has got to be the coolest yet!

Via Shop.whataburger.com
Via Shop.whataburger.com

Just wait until your friends see this!

What you're looking at is the new, 16 Quart, Limited Edition Whataburger Playmate Elite Cooler.  This portable reminder of the greatest hamburger joint on the planet has enough room to keep up to 30 cans ice cold - making it (imho) the coolest cooler on the market!  At $49.99, it's roughly the cost of one family night at Whataburger.  Just make sure you write your name on it with a permanent marker, because criminals love Whataburger too!

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