Get ready for a cold, wet winter y'all.

Here in Shreveport, I feel like many of us have already predicted this... Lately, really as soon as the temps dropped noticeably colder, it seems like the coldness has been paired with raindrops. Well, turns out, it's not just us in Northwest Louisiana experiencing this, and it won't end any time soon, according to NOAA.

State Climatologist Barry Keim says that’s due to the likely presence of a weak El Nino that’s sending cloudy weather our way.

Keim also says that those of us who expect a greater chance of a snow-filled winter due to more rainfall should hold off our high hopes for the time being. He says, "Warmer than normal temperatures across the northern tier suggest that we will get less of that Canadian air pushing down into Louisiana.”

So the temps will be above average, and the rainfall will also be above average.

Great. Get the rain boots and winter coats ready!