Let's show educators in our area exactly how much we care about them and let's find our favorite!

When it comes to important roles within our community, one could argue that an educator's role is most important. These folks have dedicated their life and their career to bettering those around them. They mold the minds of our youth on a daily basis, and I certainly believe these educators deserve a whole lot more.

As a kid, I spent all of elementary and middle school at Walnut Hill. I cannot tell you enough how much I love that place, and always will. Mr. Hardison, the longtime principal and now deservedly retired, had a monumental impact on my life, and I'm happy to call him a friend to this day. I will never forget my time at Walnut Hill, and would happily nominate every single teacher/educator I ever came across during those nine years.

My mom is also a teacher, at Summerfield Elementary in Shreveport. She's been there for quite a long time, and just this year made the switch from third to fifth grade. I will definitely be nominating my mom, Sandi Sweet.

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