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You can deny it all you want, but we're superstitious here in the south and in Louisiana especially, we've been trained to anticipate having the other shoe drop. That's why when the boss calls a meeting at work, we get right nervous!

I obviously can't speak to what all-staff meetings mean in your office, but in the radio business, they've either sold you to a different company or you're all fired. While I've thankfully never been a part of an entire staff being fired, I've been in the 'we just sold you to some other joker' meeting plenty of times. It'll make you pucker up, that's for sure.

So... this Friday, our market president has called an all-staff meeting. She even included the big dogs up the corporate chain in the invite which means, presumably, that they'll be there. I think our boss gets a secret thrill out of watching us all sweat. After all, she says if you're doing your job, you don't have anything to worry about. Right? Very funny!

Now that I've taken much too long to set this up, I took it upon myself to see if anyone else got that sinking feeling of dread in their gut when they get the all-staff meeting calendar invite. It turns out I'm not alone. If we have anything in common, like a sick sense of humor, you're going to love some of the responses below!

Tiffany Douglas
Today marks day 45 of “what is in that bag in the back of the fridge on the third shelf?” There are no wrong guesses at this point. Who wants to go first?

Charles Brakeville
Another meeting to discuss when our next meeting will be scheduled.

Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure

Jason Kirkland
Another hour on a computer in a Teams meeting laughing at the stupid questions and answers!!!

Julie Wrzesinski
Ok, who's birthday is it? Who is retiring? Can I still go home on time, or will we be working late? Most important, will there be food and who is the caterer?

Sad young man talking to his employer
Getty Images/iStockphoto, ThinkStock Images

Jason Custer
Call in sick…

Kimberly A Bissell
Who got fired and who is hired. Plus an hour to hang out with friends/coworkers! Usually good news at our meetings.

Make sure your workspace is conducive to video and phone conferences
Jack Frog // Shutterstock

Jordan Chreene
I immediately start trying to think back to the last few days to remember if I’ve done any sketchy stuff at work!!!!

Patrick Crawford
We have to hear how it's the worker's fault when the administration made a mistake.

Margarita cocktail

Ashley Peters
Hoping they finally broke down and purchased the faculty lounge margarita machine!

Bo Cobb
Knowing whatever information is coming probably could have been sent in an email.


Everett Wade Ray
Oh Hell, you now have to sign for a roll of toilet paper and return the unused portion of the roll!

Jack Pride
what shirt can I wear that doesn't have a noticeable stain.

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Shay D. Carter
We're all getting fired!

Tim Beckius
Kill me now.

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